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Brook Trout!

June's Wild Food of the Month
Brook Trout

Of all the trout in New York State waters, Brook, Brown, Lake and Rainbow Trout, my favorite is the smallest, the Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), and my favorite place to fish for them is the Adirondacks.

Contrary to popular misconceptions about the Adirondacks being "dead" from decades of acid rain, the Adirondack region has some of the best Brook Trout fishing in the U.S. and from ice out in the spring until the last day of the season, Adirondack trout fishing can be outstanding all season long.

Kyle TroutI've heard many an old timer say "June is the best month to fish for Brookies," so that's why Brook Trout are my June pick for wild food of the month, but don't let that stop you from going out any time in the season.

The DEC's list of waters that they stock is a great place to start in order to pick a lake or pond to head to. I prefer those ponds, small lakes and stillwaters that are off the beaten path a bit, but as long as DEC stocks them, chances are good that there's a healthy trout population, even if you can drive up to shore.

If, like me, you prefer fly fishing or ultra light tackle fun in pursuit of Brookies, then pick a destination that DEC stocks only with Brook Trout. Those are the places where the Brookies have no competition with other trout species.

Pictured on this page are a few of the many beautiful trout we caught after bushwhacking deep into an Adirondack Wilderness area to fish several beautiful mountain ponds. In May you may still find snow or ice in low places to keep the fish fresh before cooking them up, and in July the males are spectacularly colorful, (above right) with beautiful copper or ruby glow to their bellies.

Our pond-side dinners have been as good as the fishing, so bring a fry pan and a backpacking stove for a real treat. Here's my favorite rustic Trout recipe.

So, what are you waiting for... GO FISH!

-Roy Reehil

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