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Morel Mushroom Pictures

semi-lib.jpg (72577 bytes)
Morchella semilibera, the half free morel

blackmorel.jpg (74667 bytes)
Morchella elata, the black morel

morelyellow.jpg (81841 bytes)
Morchella esculenta the "yellow" morel.

morelvary.jpg (85288 bytes)
Morchella esculenta the "Yellow" morel appears in a wide variety of colors, from light gray to dark gray, light tan to golden brown, pale yellow to yellow to dark brown. The shape of the cap can vary as well, from tall slender and pointed to short squat and round.

morel-dark.jpg (81205 bytes)
A dark gray variation of Morchella esculenta

bmorelhalf.jpg (93301 bytes)
Morchella elata
- When sliced in half all the morels are hollow

Beware of mushrooms that do not have true pits or cavities and are smooth, brain-like and shiny. These spring mushrooms, often called "False Morels" or "Early Morels" are from either the genera Verpa or Gyromitra

Gyromitra esculentaDon't bother with any of them!
Cooking may not remove all of the toxin and this could result in liver damage over a period of years.
Get a good field guide and stick to the genus Morchella (the "real Morels"!) ...very safe, and very delicious.
Here's a discussion on this subject from our Forager's Forum.

Notes: Field Guide Recommendations - David Fischer's Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America is an excellent "field to kitchen guide," including recipes and storage techniques. Mushrooms Demystified - by David Arora provides identification keys, photos and descriptions of a wide variety of edible and non-edible mushroom species and The Audubon Society field guide to North American Mushrooms is "the old standard" of mushroom field guides.

Happy Hunting!
-Roy Reehil

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